This trade is wide , from industry made to home made. The shirts manufacturing method  has changed multiple times from using cotton to make the short or nylon and other materials.

Modern differences:
The modern day versions are usually not hand made anymore. The designs are also more fitting to the present day customers. The current day shirt is also usually made of cotton and is not so traditional in nature.

This jewelry is from thailand and is worn by the females. These ear rings are at times large and at times small.
Modern differences:
The modern day version is smaller in comparison and is not usually made of gold.
The new version is lighter and is now made in clip on and is not only pierced.

This is part of the textile trade and is used to make designs on the cloth. This stamp is used as part of the industry and is usually build in a larger scale. 
Modern differences:
The current version is not manual stamp and is programable. The modern version also allows the user to change the design of the stamp to accommodate for what is being made.